32 Orwell St, Potts Point

venue history

The Roosevelt first opened 1943 near the end of World War 2 and was frequented by American service men taking out their Australian girlfriends.

Putting kings cross on the map

Come 1947 it became Abe Saffron’s first nightclub and helped him earn the title “The King of the Cross".

Abe brought the glamour and class of New York and Las Vegas to Sydney often flying in big names such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr to perform.

too hot to handle

While The Roosevelt was the place to go and be seen, its creative and less than legal methods of circumventing the restrictive alcohol laws of the time eventually resulted in a Royal Commission to investigate and close down the venue.

The Roosevelt reopened in 2012, paying homage to the original Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt calls Potts Point home but traces its ancestry back to New York in the 1950s, drop in for a drink or settle in and enjoy great food until late in the night.

We've recreated an era with a vibrant atmosphere, great company and unforgettable drinks.

Paying homage to a notorious jewel in the late night scene of Kings Cross

Take a step back in time with us